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Alternatives to a Payday Loan

It’s part of our belief here at Payday Loan Ranger to be simple, transparent and most of all responsible. A payday loan isn’t for everyone. Whether it’s the repayment cost or the time frame, sometimes it’s better to look at alternatives before applying for a payday loan. There are things that people can do to avoid the situation of needing a payday loan altogether.

For example, building up a savings fund in case of emergency is always a good idea. If you have a few hundred pounds put away for a rainy day, it can make all the difference. It could also save you money in the long run because technically, you’d only be borrowing from yourself and you’re not going to charge yourself interest.

Working overtime or starting a second job may also be a good idea if you’re repeatedly having money worries or turning to finance options to get you through the month. The extra time you’d be working is a good price to pay for financial stability and not having to worry about unexpected costs as much.

We know that sometimes that’s not enough though

Even the best savers out there can be caught off guard by a sudden bill or cost that can’t be avoided. For these situations, it may be time to look at other potential financial aids.

At Payday Loan Ranger, we can source a number of different types of loans. For example a three month or short term loan may be more in line with what you need. These loans are similar to payday loans in the amounts you may borrow, but are typically over a 3 month period, spreading the cost.

This makes making the monthly repayments a lot more manageable. You can plan for the payment ahead of time and budget your finances accordingly. For more information on responsible borrowing, visit The Money Advice Service website.