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What is a bad credit payday loan?

It can be difficult to obtain credit or loans if you have a less than desirable credit rating. Unfortunately though, a lot of us will suffer from circumstances that cause us to default on our repayments of a debt. When this happens and you need credit, it may be time to turn to Payday Loan Ranger in order to find the best bad credit payday loan. Bad credit payday loans are designed with slighter slacker restrictions, meaning that your credit history doesn’t matter like it used to.

Despite previous issues with finance, there are payday lenders that can offer a way to obtain credit. This is because these less traditional payday lenders look at more than just your credit score. They will take your income, credit commitments, expenditure and more into account when making the decision whether to lend you the credit or not.

Can I apply with Payday Loan Ranger even though I have bad credit?

As a responsible payday loan broker, we ensure that all the lenders we work with take each application as it’s own case. Our lenders will look at your previous credit history as well as your current situation and income. It must be noted however that you may not apply for a bad credit payday loan if you’re on a debt management plan, in financial difficulty, had a CCJ in last 12 months, been declared bankrupt or been on an IVA. We work to protect the borrower at every step.

What should I think about before applying for a bad credit payday loan?

Every circumstance is unique and before you make the commitment to borrow and repay a bad credit payday loan, you need to evaluate whether this is the right action for you and you’re circumstances. Generally speaking, if you can cut costs in your daily life, it’s better to do that before taking out a payday loan. Instant cash loans are meant more as an extra boost of funds in an emergency when you need them the most. You should not be borrowing money to pay off other debts as that can lead to a vicious circle that’s very difficult to get out of. For more information and to help see whether borrowing money is right for you, visit http://stepchange.org