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What is a quick cash advance?

When you’re trying to stretch your money to the next payday and an unexpected cost arises, you can be in a difficult situation financially. This is why quick cash advances were invented. They can be used to bridge the gap between paydays, giving you cash to cover your monthly expenses. A quick cash advance is often a short term loan to be repaid within a month or so of borrowing the money. Of course this can vary depending on the broker or lender.

How can a quick cash advance help?

If your car needs a repair, a window needs repairing, a sudden bank charge crops up, your kids need something for school – it doesn’t matter. A quick cash advance was designed to cover these kinds of expenses and help you worry less about the costs that can crop up. They help to bridge the gap between your funds and see you through until you have money for the bills again.

Can Payday Loan Ranger Source me a Quick Cash Advance?

As a professional and responsible quick cash advance broker, we work with a number of highly respected lenders in the industry. We can source you a quick cash advance within moments of your application and if successful, you should have the money in your bank within an hour! We specialise in being able to cater for a number of different criteria and so you can rest assured that we should be able to provide you with at least a couple of financial options.

How long until I get my quick cash advance?

Depending on the lender you select, generally the money is paid out within an hour. Sometimes, certain aspects can hold the process up, though this is rare. From application to receiving the money, if you’re accepted, should only take around an hour or so.