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Short Term Loan for a Bad Credit History

With a poor credit history, it can be problematic when you need to apply for credit because you’re unsure you will get accepted. When deciding whether lend you money or not, short term lenders and payday lenders as well as traditional finance lenders often take a number of elements into consideration.

Why should I Check my credit report?

Before applying for any kind of financial support or help, you should always be thinking about checking your credit report. If you know you have a poor credit history, this can be a daunting thought, but don’t let it put you off! The benefits of seeing your file how a lender might view it massively outweigh any concerns of seeing how bad it is. Your credit report could be the key to spotting where you’ve gone wrong and getting back on the track to improving your credit score. Noddle is a great service that have promised users their credit report free for life. So there’s no reason to have not seen your own credit report before.

Am I eligible for a Payday Loan Ranger short term loan with my bad credit?

Payday Loan Ranger are responsible short term brokers, we analyse and assess each application on it’s own merits. This means that our lenders will take your credit report, real time credit check, income and expenditure into consideration when trying to decide on lending you the money or not. Even a bad credit history doesn’t guarantee you being declined, but it is still important that you are financially stable before applying.

The following are circumstances that would mean unfortunately our lenders would not be able to lend to you:

  • Have had a CCJ in the last 12 months
  • Have been declared bankrupt
  • Currently involved in a Debt Management Plan