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Short Term Loan Broker with No Credit Check

A short term broker no credit check is a provider of loans that do not require a credit check to take place on the applicant. Most of todays lenders will generally carry out credit checks to ensure affordability on their finance. That said, we work with a number of lenders that don’t require this as a criteria for lending money. Instead, our lenders will probably check your identity. This involves sourcing bank statements and going through more details of your incomings and outgoing to assess the affordability of the finance to the applicant.

What are the term times for a short term loan?

Generally speaking, short term loans, as the name implies, are taken out to be repaid within a small time frame. Typically, this is one month or so from the date that the money was borrowed. A lot of the lenders that Payday Loan Ranger work with will allow you to repay the loan earlier than this, saving yourself money on the interest rates. Please ensure to read all documentation and check the terms and conditions before entering into any kind of financial agreement.

Do Payday Loan Ranger carry out a credit check?

Depending on the kind of finance applied for, we may need to carry out an initial credit check in order to match the applicant with the best lenders. If you’re applying for a no credit check short term loan then generally we wouldn’t unless there was no other way to determine the affordability of the credit. Once you’re connected with the right lender, they won’t be carrying out any credit checks as you will have already made it through our criteria.