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Same Day Loans

Sometimes unexpected incidents can take you by surprise such as an unforeseen vets bill or dental repair. If you don’t have the money put aside and you are caught short between paydays, a same day loan can provide the simplest and most convenient method of funding, no matter the requirement.

The Loan Ranger provide same day loans to suit all manner of needs. The application process is quick and easy and is 100% online. We can eliminate the hassle of waiting to apply. Once your loan is approved, the funding is in your account on the very same day.

The Loan Ranger is committed to being a fair and responsible lender. This means that all applicants are subject to credit and affordability checks to ensure loan suitability. We will ask for proof of income and employment as part of our process to protect the interests of all parties involved. The Loan Ranger advises people to conduct research prior to taking out any loan to ensure they can afford all repayments and to know the most suitable option for their needs. The APR is high on same day loans and as such, they should be taken out in case of emergencies and not as the first route to funding.

Funding which is delivered to applicants within 24 hours is called a ‘same day loan’. Whilst there are many lenders within the industry who can offer short term loans of different types, not all can deliver the funding on the same day.

The Loan Ranger is one of the most reputable and cost effective lenders on the market. Our service is truly unrivalled and we offer the fastest and most simple application process for all our satisfied customers. Our same day loans can be repaid over 3 to 12 months. Unlike other providers, we do not charge a fee for early repayment and we do not conceal our charges.

How to apply with the Loan Ranger

Our application is fully online and takes just moments to complete. Subject to successful credit and affordability checking, the Loan Ranger will release funds to your account on the same day. It is truly that simple.

Checking Eligibility

To be eligible customers must meet the following criteria for a loan:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Permanent UK resident
  • Employed and take home £750 minimum each month

If you are unsuccessful in applying for a loan with paydayloanranger.com, we may pass you to an alternative loan provider. We do not pass on your card details to any other organisation.

Same day loans for bad credit

With current economic conditions and the far reaching impact of the financial crash in 2007, there are many people in the UK with less than desirable credit. Sometimes missing as many as one repayment on a bill can impact adversely on your credit rating. The Loan Ranger is a fair and responsible lender and as such, conducts credit and affordability checks on all applicants, without exception. As long as you meet the following criteria, you may be accepted for a loan.